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Sobriety In Citrus Heights

A message from David. David is working his way into a life of permanent housing and sobriety. We are happy to sponsor his stay in The Way Ministries's Grace House sober living community.

My name is David, born and raised here in Sacramento. Having struggled with addiction for over ten years, I'd like to talk about the miracle that has been instrumental to my Recovery today. The HART program has put together a team of compassionate and motivated folks that have found a way to reach out and touch the parts of me that I had thought unreachable, lost to the symptoms of my addiction. It started as a simple introduction from one of the homeless navigators, Toni Morgan. To be addressed and treated as an equal and deserving member of society, the walls I had put around my heart and mind slowly became moveable. I trusted this group of people, when I could not even trust myself. I was fed, clothed, and housed, with only the necessary desire for a new way of life. This did not come on its own, for with all blessings came the necessary need to be willing to receive them. HART and it's team of people found a way to speak my love language, to communicate, and guide me as long as I was willing to commit to my growth and take the offered suggestions for my Recovery. A seemingly impossible task for myself made real by the blessings I became willing to receive.

Today I am Clean and Sober, I live and grow in Sober Living, a wonderful place called Grace House. My bed is sponsored by the very same community that I had spent many years lashing out at and disrespecting in my addiction. Not all was lost, once I found the desire to change, HART was there without hesitation. My life has changed for the better. In Recovery I have discovered a desire to take my experiences from living in group homes and foster homes as a child, as well as my life spent in homelessness as an adult, and reach out to the troubled and less fortunate youth of today. I am working with the Director of the Sayonara center on volunteering and involving myself with the youth at the Center. I am engaged with Recovery Representatives, providing food and various donations to families in need. I am looking forward to going back to school this upcoming semester.

Of all of the things I've gained since I've started my Recovery, the one that means the most to me is the reminder that I'm worthy of having a life full of love, that even at my lowest of lows, there was and still is a group of compassionate people who helped me find the strength to start my journey of self-discovery and long term recovery. I want to thank Stan, Irene, Cathy, Toni, Patrick, Rhonda and Alex, and all the NA/AA representatives, HART, Grace House, and the City of Citrus Heights, for being an instrumental part of my Recovery.

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