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Founded in 2017, HART of Folsom is a non-profit community-based volunteer organization helping those experiencing homelessness in Folsom move toward self-sufficiency and greater independence.

Get Involved

To become a member of HART of Folsom, view this page here.

HART of Folsom - Programs & Initiatives

Winter Sanctuary Revolving Shelter

Folsom participates in the HART Winter Sanctuary program. Every year individuals are identified through their local housing navigator and HART members to participate in a 9-12 week revolving winter shelter.  Each participating church opens their doors for one week to house people experiencing homelessness in their community. Volunteer here.

Transitional Housing

Folsom has one transitional house and two trailers to offer immediate respite off of the street for their clients. Click here for more information. They have also had success in moving clients into permanent affordable housing through partnerships with the city of Folsom.

Mentoring Program

An outstanding feature of HART of Folsom is their strong and active Mentoring Program. Volunteers participate in a Mentoring Program with both their Winter Sanctuary and Transitional Housing clients.  Mentors provide support to clients and help them get connected and stay connected to resources and programs.


Donate to HART of Folsom for transitional housing , the Folsom Winteer Shelter, or directly to the operational fund.

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