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Rancho Cordova HART was established in 2013.

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Revolving Winter Shelter

Rancho Cordova participates in the HART Winter Sanctuary program. Every year individuals are identified through their local housing navigator and HART members to participate in a 9-12 week revolving winter shelter.  Each participating church opens their doors for one week to house people experiencing homelessness in their community.

Mentoring Program

Clients served in the Winter Shelter can also receive year-round mentorship from trained Rancho Cordova HART volunteers. Mentors provide support to clients and help them get connected and stay connected to resources and programs. 

Housing Assistance Program

Through fundraising, grant writing, and donations, Rancho Cordova HART is able to assist their community with financial barriers to housing. They assist clients from the Winter Shelter, the housing Navigator, and Rancho Cordova residents participating in SSHH Housing Counseling.

GIVE ONE DAY is an ongoing fundraising campaign to help end homelessness in Rancho Cordova.
Donate the amount you spend on one day’s mortgage or rent by dividing your monthly payment by 30 (i.e. $1000 monthly rent/30=$33 donation).
Or any amount you are able to!
Donate via PayPal:
Donate by Mail:
Rancho Cordova HART
11223 Trinity River Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
Make Checks Payable to:
Rancho Cordova HART



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