Midtown HART formed in 2019.

To contact email: MidtownHARTbeat@gmail.com

Website & Facebook coming soon!

The Respite Center

Midtown HART has opened a daytime, drop-in center for folks experiencing homelessness to come inside and seek refuge from the weather and relax for a bit.  There is water, light snacks, a phone charging station, resources, and one service provider from an agency or local nonprofit every week. 

The current hours are from 9:30AM - 2:30PM every Tuesday at Saint John's Lutheran (1701 L street). If you would like to learn how you can volunteer or donate click here.

We are currently looking to expand and add another morning respite center. If you are able to donate a space, please contact Joshua at jcoy@sacselfhelp.org.

We are accepting snacks, usable coffee mugs & water bottles, coffee, and warm clothing donations. You can drop off these items at our Respite Center or contact Joshua at jcoy@sacselfhelp.org for any monetary donations.



Homeless Assistance Resource Team