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HART Winter Season 2021-2022 Planning

Winter is Coming! The HART family has been busy planning and organizing programs and services to serve their unhoused neighbors through the coming winter season. Here are some of the recent developments. Please note: this is the planning phase and more updates are to come!

HARTS facilitating overnight Winter Shelter/Sanctuary programs:

  • Citrus Heights HART: 9 weeks confirmed: December 26 to February 26; they are hoping to add an additional week for a total of 10 weeks.

  • HART of Folsom: will continue their 12 week winter shelter program

  • Rancho Cordova HART: so far they have 5 churches committed for December 27 – February 5th; they are still reaching out to additional churches to hopefully expand program

  • *Elk Grove HART: EG HART will assist the City of EG with a overnight program; they will be a communication liaison between the churches, volunteers, and the city departments that will be involved

HARTS facilitating Respite Programs

  • Midtown HART will continue their year round, 2 day/week, 2 location respite center program

  • Carmichael HART will expand their respite program to include 3 days per week at Carmichael Presbyterian

  • South Sac HART: continues to run their 2nd Saturday respite

  • North Sac HART: currently developing a respite program

HART’s working on “parking lot sanctuary” programs

  • South Sac HART may develop and run a parking lot sanctuary program based on the model created by North Sac HART

Note: Most, if not all, HART groups organize outreach actions: distributing meals, hygiene items, and supplies to unhoused neighbors where they are at!

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