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North Sacramento HART Donation for Robla School District

Over the past couple of months North Sacramento HART organized the purchase of essential items for families and students of the Robla School District including: gas cards, toiletries, hygiene supplies, undergarments, as well as COVID safety necessities. Although there has been an increase in media coverage concerning homelessness and struggling families in the Sacramento area, North Sacramento is often overlooked, underserved, and neglected in the news and even among other well-intentioned organizations. Many folks in Sacramento do not know that around 89% of students enrolled in Robla School District live in poverty - a reality that means many families are in immediate danger of becoming homeless. North Sacramento HART has stepped up to be there for their neighbors most in need even given the compounding challenges of the pandemic. North Sacramento HART is also developing plans for a respite center and looking into a future advocacy project. They are seeking support from community members and faith-based organizations.

If you would like to participate or make a donation, contact their new President, Kamilah Watson at

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