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Housewarming for the Unhoused: December 11th

One of HART's key partners, Sacramento Self-Help Housing, is organizing their annual donations drive "Housewarming for the Unhoused". The event will be held at the Cal Expo Main Gate loop on December 11th from 8:00am - 12:00pm. This year's theme is "Warm it up, Mix it up."


Sacramento Self-Help Housing (501c3) is set to open 30 program houses in 2022 to provide our community's most vulnerable with housing and supportive resources. SSHH is holding this donation drive to collect and purchase supplies to help the families and individuals they enter into their program's transition to a life of permanent housing.


It is important to note that Sacramento Self-Help Housing has opted to remove the word "homeless" from the previous name of the donation drive in lieu of “unhoused.”


“Especially these days, the word ‘homeless’ is often associated with negative connotations,” explained John Foley, Executive Director of Sacramento Self-Help Housing. “The term can be demoralizing, affecting self-esteem, and undermining progressive change. Instead, the word ‘unhoused’ conveys an insecure housing situation that is (hopefully) only temporary.

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