• Rachel Holmstrom

Volunteer at the Christmas Lunch with SSHH!

Sacramento Self-Help Housing invites members of HART to volunteer at a Christmas Lunch to meet the formerly homeless clients and assist with set-up, serving, and take down. This is a great opportunity to get involved and gain some experience that is transferable to some of our future endeavors.

Contact Rachel Holmstrom at rholmstrom@sacselfhelp.org to volunteer!

Our agency is having a Christmas lunch for the clients who live in Sacramento Self-Help Housing houses (Permanent Supportive Housing and Interim Housing). This lunch will be on December 20th at the Howe Park Community Center. Sac Self-Help will be providing the meals and SSHH case workers will provide transportation and chaperone the clients. There would be about 100 clients at the lunch.

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