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A Gift of Hope

At the Midtown Respite Center, we have many regular guests who stop by to enjoy the safe space, snacks, and donations that are offered out of St. John's Lutheran Church. One of those regular guests is named Greg. Greg is someone who found himself living on the streets of Sacramento after being negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 

We have gotten to know Greg well over the past few months and his ability to look at his situation with a sense of humility and pride has brought a certain light to the respite center. Paul Keefer, one of our regular volunteers, discovered that Greg has a talent for playing the guitar. So Paul reached out to some friends on Facebook and was heard by David Kamminga who had an extra guitar that he was willing to donate. Greg has been using his guitar to make a little bit of extra money busking in Old Sacramento. We are continuing to work with Greg on his journey to get back on his feet again. 

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