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These are just a few of the resources available in the community to help people experiencing homelessness.

Use this brochure to spread the word about North Sacramento HART!

North Sacramento HART Parking Lot Sanctuary (PLS) Resources:

This document explains the PLS program.  Includes an overview of the program, intake process, minimum eligibility requirements, and timeline of what to expect at the Parking Lot Sanctuary.

Thinking about volunteering your time or space to PLS?  Look over this Host Site Schedule to see the dates and volunteer-power required to become a Host Site. Due to laws regarding overnight stays, Host Sites must be places of worship.

Fill out this form to sign-up to be a Host Site for PLS! Again, at this time, host sites must be places of worship.  Return a copy of this form to Mt. Hermon MBC, 940 North Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838 or contact Jackie Bates, President, NS HART at (916) 826-2211 or

Informational brochure on how to utilize the Rio Linda Elverta Food Closet and how to support and donate to it.


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