Midtown HART Respite Center

Volunteer at the Respite Center

The Respite Center is currently open from 9:30 A.M - 12:30 P.M every Tuesday 

 at St. Johns Lutheran Church (1701 L Street Sacramento, CA).

Volunteer duties include checking in guests, serving coffee and light snacks, facilitating donated clothing and other items and maintaining bathrooms.

This project requires both volunteer-power and donations to keep going!  If you would like to volunteer for the Respite Center,

contact Nick Peterson at nicholuspeterson@gmail.com or

click here to sign up.



Donate to the Respite Center

To donate snacks, toiletries, or clothing

you can email Nick at nicholuspeterson@gmail.com 

or you can always come by the respite center during the time of operation and drop them off. 


Homeless Assistance Resource Team