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Midtown HART Respite Center

Volunteer at the Respite Center

The Respite Center is currently open from 9:30 A.M - 12:30 P.M every Tuesday  AND every Friday


On Tuesdays, the Respite Center is at St. Johns Lutheran Church (1701 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95811)

On Fridays, the Respite Center is at Trinity Cathedral 

(2620 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95816)

Volunteer duties include checking in guests, serving coffee and light snacks, facilitating donated clothing and other items and maintaining bathrooms.

This project requires both volunteer-power and donations to keep going!  If you would like to volunteer for the Respite Center,


or click here to sign up.



Midtown HART Respite flyer jpeg.jpg
A Pile of Sweaters
Donate to the Respite Center

To donate snacks, toiletries, or clothing

you can email

or you can always come by the respite center during the time of operation and drop them off. 

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