South Sacramento HART formed in 2020.

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Parking Lot Sanctuary

This program will offer people living in their cars a safe place to park overnight, use the restroom, charge devices, and get connected with mainline services. 

We are currently looking for host sites for this project with a suitable parking lot. If you would like to donate your space, please contact Joshua at

Respite Center

South Sac HART wants to open a daytime, drop-in center for folks experiencing homelessness to come inside and seek refuge from the weather and relax for a bit.  There will be refreshments, light snacks, a phone charging station, resources, and one service provider from an agency or local nonprofit.

This program has proved very successful for Midtown HART and could be very helpful in South Sacramento. We are currently looking for different host sites for this program. If you would be able to donate your space for just one day each week, contact Joshua at



Homeless Assistance Resource Team