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Fair Oaks & Orangevale

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Fair Oaks & Orangevale HART formed in 2021.

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Winter Outreach

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HART of Fair Oaks & Orangevale is collecting supplies and donations in preparation for their Winter Outreach project. They will be working with their local businesses, churches and faith-based organizations, and community members and leaders to find out where their unsheltered neighbors are living. They then plan to distribute Winter Survival Supplies throughout December and January, introducing themselves and cultivating connection with their unhoused neighbors.

You can get involved by volunteering, donating through their website, or buying supplies from their Amazon Wishlist.

Click here to learn more about their Winter Outreach program!

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Developing A New HART

Fair Oaks & Orangevale HART is developing their shorter and longer term goals and planning projects to best address the needs of their unhoused neighbors. They are currently building connections and are looking for interested community members and volunteers to get involved.

Contact them for more information about how to get involved and attend their meetings!

 All donations go through the Orangevale-Fair Oaks Community Foundation 401(c)(3) PayPal platform but are earmarked for HART of Orangevale-Fair Oaks. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.



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